Zoom Phone vs Nextiva: Which one is the best for your business?

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Learn more about Zoom Phone and Nextiva alternatives

Zoom Phone and Nextiva; classic VoIP service providers

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based communication system with services available on mobile and desktop devices. It is available in 47 countries with services packaged in 3 plans for businesses of all sizes. Zoom Phone is beneficial to companies with a global presence and remote teams.
It can be used for voice/video calls, conference calls, message exchanges and more within a company as well as with customers and external parties. The features available include call recording, call monitoring, call routing via unlimited IVR, voicemail transcriptions and integration with select apps.

Nextiva is popular VoIP service provider with features and plans similar to Zoom Phone.
Businesses can choose from 3 Nextiva subscription plans. All services are based on VoIP technology. Subscribers can make and receive voice and video calls and exchange messages from local or toll-free numbers. Depending on the plan chosen, they can also access features such as auto attendants to route incoming calls, contact management services, voicemail and screen sharing. The cost for all plans is dependent on the number of users. Once an account is created, Nextiva services can be accessed through apps for desktop and mobile devices as well as web browsers and certain IP deskphones.

It's an annual subscription but ZoomPhone looks cheaper than Nextiva

The Zoom Phone Metered Pack is priced at $120 per year per user with unlimited international calling from American/ Canadian numbers and metered outbound calling. Some of the other features included in the pack are call recording and voicemails with transcription, IVR, and integration with other select applications.

The Zoom Phone Unlimited Pack is an upgrade from the Metered plan. It is priced at $180 per year per user for unlimited internal/ outbound calling to numbers in the USA and Canada and all the Metered plan features. Add-on packs for unlimited calling to 19 countries are also available.

Unlike ZoomPhone, Nextiva does not insist on an annual commitment for its services.
The Nextiva Essential plan is suitable for startups. It costs $30.95 per user per month and includes unlimited voice and video calling within the USA and Canada from a local or toll-free number, voicemail, call recording and contact management.
Ideal for small teams, the Nextiva Professional plan is priced between $29.95 and $35.95 per user per month depending on the team size. Upgrading to this plan gives you access to additional features like Salesforce/HubSpot integrations, multi-level auto attendants and conferencing calling for up to 40 participants.
The most advanced business communication plan by Nextiva, the Enterprise plan costs between $39.95 to 45.95 per user per month depending on the number of users. With it, you can hold voice and video conferences with unlimited participants, record calls and access other exclusive features.

What is the best business phone system between Zoom Phone and Nextiva?

phone system for small business

Multi-device accessibility by both puts them at par

Zoom Phone services can be used via a desktop app or accessed on desk phones.

Zoom Phone and Nextiva plans include access through similar interfaces. Calls can be made and received through the Nextiva app, web browser or IP deskphone.

phone system for small business

On-the-go connectivity from both service providers

The Zoom Phone app can be installed in Android and iOS devices to make and receive VoIP calls and access other Zoom Phone features.

Like Zoom Phone, Nextiva gives users the option to make and receive calls and exchange messages online through a smartphone app.

phone system for small business

Comparative call routing options from Zoom Phone and Nextiva

Zoom Phone users can access unlimited auto attendants/ IVR menus to route calls as required, for all plans.

Like Zoom Phone, Nextiva routes incoming calls based on the caller's keystroke responses to a recorded menu. Nextiva’s auto attendant minimizes the risk of missed calls and quickens query resolution. Incoming calls are routed to agents based on caller responses to customized menus. Enterprise and Professional Nextiva plan subscribers can set up multiple sub menus if required.

phone system for small business

Ability to customize audio greetings on both portals

Zoom Phone greetings and hold music can be chosen from the audio library or customized by uploading recorded audio greetings.
1. Navigate to settings and further to the Call Handling section
2. Choose audio files from the asset library or add an audio file

ZoomPhone and Nextiva give their subscribers similar ways to customize greetings. If you are not satisfied with the default greetings, you can customize the same with recorded messages saved as 8 or 16 bit .wav files. Files saved in the same format can also be used to customize auto attendant menus.
1. Sign in to your Nextiva account on the website.
2. Select Sites.
3. Go to Greetings on the Auto attendant menu.
4. Upload your new recording.

phone system for small business

Live call monitoring with Zoom Phone could be a big differentiator

Admins can enable call monitoring for phone users, common phones, call queues and shared line groups. This can be used to listen to live calls, speak to a company agent without the other party being aware of it, join a call/conference and take over a call from an agent.

Unlike ZoomPhone, Nextiva does not currently offer any options for live call monitoring. An easy way to judge agent productivity with the Nextiva platform is by accessing call log reports. Supervisors can also see agent statuses in real time. Call follow-ups are made easier with text and email alerts to new voicemails. In addition to this, Nextiva Enterprise subscribers can record all incoming and outgoing calls and access voicemail transcriptions.

phone system for small business

Zoom Phone makes call recording available to all uses while Nextiva offers selective access

Zoom Phone account owners or users with admin privileges can monitor calls in real-time or record calls for later analysis. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled on phone users, shared line groups, common area phones, call queues and call delegation. It can be used to listen to live calls, speak to a company agent without the other party being aware of it, join a call/conference and take over a call from an agent. Live calls can be heard only by one monitor at a time.

While ZoomPhone includes a call recording feature in its plans, Nextiva offers limited access. Call recording is an exclusive feature available in the Nextiva Enterprise plan. This feature can be automated or manually controlled for all incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings are stored for 6 months from the date of the call. Essential and Professional plan subscribers cannot record calls.

phone system for small business

Simple, all-inclusive call rate structuring makes Nextiva the better choice for companies with a global audience

For the metered plan, Calls to 150+ countries are billed on a per minute rate based on whether the number being called is a landline or mobile number and the call destination. For example, calls to landline numbers in Argentina are billed at $0.1156 per minute while calls to mobile numbers are billed at $0.5623 per minute.

Unlimited outgoing calls to numbers in the USA and Canada are included in the unlimited plan. add on plans for calling numbers in 19 other countries can be bought. Calls to numbers in countries not included in this list are billed at a per minute rate.

The Zoom Phone starter pack does not include outbound calling to any location but the Nextiva starter plan does. Calls to numbers in the USA and Canada are included in the subscription fee.
Nextiva allows businesses to make international calls but these calls are billed additionally. Other international calls are billed on a per minute rate. For example, a call to Australia would be billed at a $0.03 per minute rate while calls to Aruba are billed at $0.59 per minute.

phone system for small business

Nextiva's drag and drop set-up makes it simpler

The Zoom Phone account creation process can be completed on the website. You can choose to port an existing number or get a new number. Once an account is set up, you can make and receive calls and exchange messages through an app on your desktop or mobile device. Zoom Phone services can also be accessed on certain desk phones available on the Zoom Phone website and through other retailers.

Account creation is a quick online process for Nextiva subscribers similar to the account creation process required for ZoomPhone. Businesses can choose a subscription model and use a drag-and-drop call flow builder to define user roles and customize greetings and call menus based on their operational hours and other details. The services included in the chosen plan can then be accessed through a Nextiva app for mobile or desktop devices, a web browser or certain IP deskphones.