Get a phone number for your business

Select your business phone number, easily create your greetings and start managing your customer calls from any device.

phone system for small business

More than just a phone number.
Everything you need to manage.
your customers calls.

Look professional in minutes

Business phone number, custom greetings, phone menu (press #1, press #2…), call recording... all can be set up from a very simple dashboard


Unlimited Calling From Any Device

Make and receive unlimted calls within 36 destinations including US, Canada, Mexico, China, Europe, Australia, and many more...


Advanced Call Center Features

Improve your customer support with key features like call recording, live monitoring, call statistics, and more...

How it work
Advanced Call Center Features

Connect Your Phone System to Your E-Commerce Platform

Get instant insight on every incoming calls from datas from your e-commerce platform.

Everything you need to
know about Quicktalk

What is Quicktalk?

Quicktalk is a mini call center software specially designed for small businesses and startups like Ecommerce, real estate, SaaS, services-based business, and on-demand services, etc. Quicktalk lets you manage your customers calls with ease, without the hassle of setting up a complex phone system. With Quicktalk, you can get a phone number for your business in just a few clicks or continue using your existing business phone number with portability. Setting up features like greetings, open hours, call menu, call distribution is done in 3 minutes from a simple web page. Then, you can start receiving calls from your customers and make calls from your computer or personal cell phone right away.

What do I need to be able to use Quicktalk?

You can use Quicktalk with any laptop and a good internet connection, just by connecting to the Quicktalk dashboard. For higher sound quality, it’s better to use headsets or headphones than your computer microphone. You can also manage your calls directly from your existing phone since all incoming calls can be forwarded to any mobile number. In this way, you can call your customers with your personal phone number, and they will only see the number provided by Quicktalk.

How long does it take to start with Quicktalk?

Usually, it takes only 3 minutes to start managing customers calls with Quicktalk. If you want to keep your existing company number, it will take a few day for the portability.

How is Quicktalk priced?

Quicktalk has one simple price: $19 per month, including all features and unlimited calling within 30 countries. For this price, you can use Quicktalk for up to 3 users. Additional users are $10/month. So if, for example, you have 4 people on your team to manage customer calls, your total amount of would be $19 + $10 = $29 per month.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes, no engagement needed with Quicktalk. You can cancel at any time by sending a email. Your cancellation will be effective a few hours later.

Are all calls included with Quicktalk?

Yes, all inbound and outbound calls are included in your plan for 36 countries. You don’t have to pay any extra cost for calling within these countries, both for landline and mobile phone numbers. See the full list of countries here.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, you can sign up with Quicktalk and use our phone system with your existing phone number. Our dedicated team will carry out the portability for you with your provider.

Do I own the number I choose at Quicktalk?

Yes, once you've chosen your number with Quicktalk, you own it. This means that if you decide to move to another phone system provider, you will be able to seamlessly port your number to your new provider, 100% free of charge.