Grasshopper vs Openphone: Which one is the best for your business?

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Learn more about Grasshopper and Openphone alternatives

Grasshopper, the entrepreneur's phone system versus OpenPhone, the business phone system for growing businesses

To improve their internal and external communication, businesses can use VoIP services by Grasshopper. The virtual phone system caters to the needs of startups and small businesses with a range of services such as unlimited calls and texts to numbers in the USA and Canada, voicemail and call queue management. Grasshopper has many different plans to choose from but unlike other VoIP service providers, plans differ on the basis of the numbers and extensions included. Additional numbers can be accessed through an add-on subscription.

As with Grasshopper, OpenPhone lets businesses leverage VoIP technology to streamline their communication and improve team productivity. This platform combines contact management with communication through calls and text into a single application that is accessible across devices. Businesses can use their existing number and port it to the platform or apply for a new phone number. They can choose from 3 plans. These plans have different feature combinations and price points. Some of the key features available through OpenPhone plan subscription are voicemail transcription, call recording and CRM integration.

Cheaper monthly plans by OpenPhone

Paying $28 per month gives you a Solo plan subscription with a new phone number and 3 extensions. The plan is inclusive of several features such as virtual voicemail, incoming call controls, custom greetings and call forwarding.
While features stay the same, the number of business phone numbers and extensions available to Partner plan subscribers increases to 3 and 6 respectively. Similarly, the Small Business plan includes 5 phone numbers and unlimited extensions

Comparing Grasshopper and OpenPhone plans is more about the number of connections required rather than price points.
Paying $13 per user per month gives businesses access to OpenPhone Standard plan features. This includes unlimited calling to numbers across the USA and Canada, call recording, shared contacts and more.
Subscribing to the OpenPhone Premium plan costs businesses $20 per user per month. This subscription is inclusive of all the communication features offered by the Standard plan as well as exclusive features such as group calling, call analytics and easier app integrations.

What is the best business phone system between Grasshopper and Openphone?

phone system for small business

Missing deskphone supports gives Grasshopper the lead over OpenPhone

A desktop app is the main interface available for Grasshopper subscribers to make and receive calls.

As with Grasshopper, the options for accessing OpenPhone accounts from the office include the web browser and a desktop app.

phone system for small business

Downloadable mobile application for Grasshopper and OpenPhone

An app for Android and iOS devices can be used to make and receive calls.

Wherever your agents may be, Grasshopper and OpenPhone agents can make and receive calls through a smartphone app.

phone system for small business

Grasshopper Ruby Receptionist service vs OpenPhone IVR call routing

There are no inbuilt IVR features but an add-on Ruby receptionist service pack is available.

While Grasshopper subscribers can use optional packs to establish call routing, OpenPhone has inbuilt options.
One of the differences between the Standard and Premium plan is the level of IVR call routing. The Standard plan includes basic call routing to internal and external numbers and repeat the menu if the caller does not take any action while the calls to Premium plan phone numbers can also be routed directly to voicemail. In this case, if the caller does not take any action, there are 7 options for permitted actions.

phone system for small business

Professionally voiced message recording by Grasshopper vs amateur recorded greeting by OpenPhone

Grasshopper gives subscribers the option of recording greetings themselves or having their message recorded by professionals through the Voice Studio.

With access to professional greeting recordings, Grasshopper has an edge over OpenPhone.
Account admin can customize voicemail greetings from the OpenPhone desktop and mobile app.
Step 1: Login to the dashboard and select My Phone Numbers.
Step 2: Click on the phone number for which the greeting is to be set.
Step 3: Click on Change from the Voicemail section.
Step 4. Select and upload the recorded greeting or type the greeting text and choose the text to speech option.

phone system for small business

Varied call metrics available with Grasshopper and OpenPhone accounts

Grasshopper does not give supervisors the ability to listen to monitor live calls. However, all agents can forward calls they are handling to their supervisors if required. In addition, Grasshopper includes features that make following up on calls easier. In the case of calls sent to voicemail, the messages are transcribed and made available in email inboxes. This makes it easier to prioritize and frame responses. Grasshopper plans are also inclusive of call analytic reports on KPIs such as call duration, call type, etc.

Grasshopper and OpenPhone have similar call monitoring features.
While traditional call monitoring and call whispering services are yet to be introduced, OpenPhone gives all admin account holders full control over user accounts and phone numbers. It also allows message templates to be used to respond to calls, voicemails and text messages so as to shorten the response time. The delivery of these messages can be scheduled to specific times to maximize impact.
Premium plan subscribers can also route calls to internal extensions or external phone numbers. These account administrators also get access to reports on account usage and activity.

phone system for small business

OpenPhone gains advantage for call recording capabilities

Calls cannot be recorded by any Grasshopper users.

OpenPhone's ability to record calls gives it an advantage over Grasshopper.
Automatic or manually controlled call recording for all incoming and outgoing calls is included in all OpenPhone plans.

phone system for small business

More transparency with OpenPhone billing gives it an advantage over Grasshopper

Calls to most numbers in the USA and Canada are included in Grasshopper plans. International calls are billed on a per minute rate. For example, calls to Rome are billed at a 51¢ per minute rate while calls to regular Congo numbers are billed at 60¢ per minute.

Like Grasshopper, all OpenPhone plans include unlimited calls within the USA and Canada. Calls to other destinations are billed on location-specific per-minute rates. For example, calls to the Bahamas are billed at $0.38 per minute while calls to Australia are billed at $0.05 per minute.

phone system for small business

Easy account creation with Grasshopper and OpenPhone

Grasshopper accounts can be set up with an existing business phone number or a new local/toll free number. Once the account has been created, user roles and settings can be configured from the Grasshopper app. This app can be used via smartphones, laptops or desktop devices. Calls can also be handled through landline phones once the calling card feature has been registered and activated.

Like Grasshopper, OpenPhone accounts can be created online.
Business subscribers can use any existing email address to set up their accounts on the OpenPhone website. User roles can be defined and managed from the admin dashboard. Agents can then access OpenPhone services and make/receive calls through smartphone/desktop apps or web browser extensions. It does not support desk phones.