8x8 vs Ooma: Which one is the best for your business?

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Learn more about 8x8 and Ooma alternatives

Budget-friendly business communication services with 8x8 and Ooma

8x8 is a VoIP service provider aimed at integrating business communication via voice, video, chats, etc. and enterprise-class API solutions onto a single platform. Their services are bundled into 3 business communication plans and 3 contact center plans. The range of features included in the business communication plans range from unlimited calling in the USA and Canada and team messaging to call monitoring facilities and supervisor analytics. These services can be accessed via a deskphone or through an app for android and iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac desktops.

Businesses wanting to upgrade from PBX systems can look into the 3 monthly subscription plans offered by Ooma and compare them with the 8x8 services. The service provider’s business communication solutions are based on VoIP technology. Services available include three-way calling, call forwarding, virtual faxes and unlimited calling to select destinations. Add-on international calling packs are also available. These services can be accessed through smartphone apps, chrome extensions, analog and IP phones and, in the case of Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers, desktop apps. Ooma also offers a plug and play solution in the form of stand-alone devices with pre-installed software.

Cheaper starter plans by 8x8

The 8x8 Express plan is a basic communication package for small businesses. It is priced at $15 per user per month for up to 5 users. This is inclusive of basic features like unlimited calling in the USA and Canada, voicemail, auto attendant, team messaging and audio/video conferencing.

The X2 plan is an all-in-one voice, video and chat platform for larger teams. It is priced at $28 per user per month and includes all the features available in the Express plan as well as hot desking, call queues, voicemail transcription, single sign-on and more.

The X4 plan offers advanced call handling and analytics. Structured for unlimited users, it is priced at $57 per user per month. Some of the top features included are call monitoring facilities, CRM integrations and supervisor analytics.

8x8 plans start at a slightly lower price as compared to Ooma.
Business users can subscribe to the Ooma Essentials plan by paying $19.95 per user per month. This subscription gives them access to unlimited calls to select destinations through local/ toll-free numbers and 50+ standard features.
If you are not satisfied with the Essentials plan features, you can upgrade to the Pro plan. This plan is priced at $24.95 per user per month. In addition to the features of the Essentials plan, users can also access services like voicemail transcription and call recording.
The Ooma Pro+ plan is priced at $29.95 per user per month. This is the most advanced business communication plan offered by Ooma. Along with the features of the other plans, this also includes Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations, call queueing, hot desking, etc.

What is the best business phone system between 8x8 and Ooma?

phone system for small business

Multi-device support by 8x8 and Ooma for all business communication

8x8 users can make and receive calls with a desk phone or through the desktop app.

Ooma's office connectivity interfaces may seem limited compared to 8x8.
Calls can be made and received through IP desk phones. Pro and Pro+ subscribers can also use a desktop app.

phone system for small business

Android and iOS applications available from both service providers

8x8 users can make and receive calls from their mobile devices through the app.

The Ooma mobile app is comparable to the 8x8 app. It allows subscribers to make and receive calls from outside the office.

phone system for small business

8x8 Auto attendant vs Ooma virtual receptionist

In the Express plan, an automated receptionist can route calls to extensions according to call menus.
For the X2 and X4 plans, a multi-level auto-attendant allows you to establish multiple layers of call flows based on customer size, location and other rules.

Both 8x8 and Ooma include call routing in all plans but the methods are different.
Ooma includes a multi-level virtual receptionist in all plans. This directs incoming calls on the basis of the caller’s keystroke responses.

phone system for small business

Comparable greeting customization options by 8x8 and Ooma

Greetings can be customized from the 8x8 Admin console.
Step 1. Login as admin and select Auto Attendants from the Admin console.
Step 2. Click on the edit icon and choose Weekdays/ Holidays/ Alternate from the Call Handling menu.
Step 3. Choose one of the following, Open Hours Menu/ Closed Hours Menu/ Lunch Hours Menu.
Step 4. Select Create Audio File.
You can upload a recorded message or choose to record a new message by calling a number.

Like 8x8, Ooma subscriber account admins can customize call greetings from the dashboard.
Step 1. Users with your admin role sign in to Ooma.
Step 2. Set business hours from the Settings menu.
Step 3. Upload a prerecorded message or select the text to speech option and type your message.

phone system for small business

Availability of advanced call managing capabilities puts 8x8 ahead

8x8 Express plan admin can easily configure user accounts and view status reports on all devices. This allows you to know when and where your agents are accessing their accounts. However, you cannot monitor live conversations or view transcriptions for later analysis.

As an 8x8 X2 pan user, you can view user status updates from your desktop or mobile device. This lets you know when agents are on call, when they are available for a call and when they are unavailable. You can also have voicemail transcriptions delivered to your email inbox for easy retrieval and analysis. Admin account holders also get advanced moderator controls during audio and video meetings.

The X4 plan is inclusive of all the features included in the Express and X2 plans as well as the ability to listen to live calls. If required, you can speak to your agent without the other person knowing or you could join the call and make it a conference call. In addition, you can also get access to call activity analytics.

8x8 advanced plan subscribers may get access to more call monitoring features as compared to Ooma subscribers.
Call monitoring for Ooma Essentials plans subscribers does not take the usual route. Incoming and outgoing calls cannot be supervised while live, supervisors cannot coach agents, join or takeover calls. That said, they can initiate 3-way calls between themselves, agents and customers. They can also get reports on individual and team call analytics from their dashboards. This includes reports on call history, call duration, etc. If required, these reports can be downloaded as CSV files. Voicemails can also be forwarded to email inboxes for easier access.
In addition, Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers can access voicemail transcripts in their email inboxes.

phone system for small business

Relatively similar call recording facilities by 8x8 ad Ooma

Call recording is not available in the Express plan.
All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded in the X2 and X4 plans.

8x8 and Ooma follow a similar strategy for call recording.
The Essential plan does not offer a call recording facility. This feature is only available in the Pro and Pro+ plans.

phone system for small business

International calling ability puts 8x8 ahead

Calls to numbers other than those in the USA and Canada are billed at a per minute rate depending on the destination. For example, calls to India are priced at $0.06 per minute while those to Spain are billed at $0.03 per minute.

The availability of Ooma calling packs may make international calling cheaper for Ooma subscribers as compared to 8x8. Apart from numbers in the USA, international calls are billed at country-specific rates. Depending on where your target audience is, it may be better to get an add-on international calling pack.

phone system for small business

Simple sign-up steps for 8x8 and Ooma communication plans

You can register and sign up for an 8x8 account on the web portal with your email address. Once the registration process has been completed, you can download the application for smartphones, laptops or desktop devices. The application can be downloaded for free. 8x8 users can also access the services through supported desk phones. If you do not have a device, you can buy one from the 8x8 website.

As with 8x8, set up is the same for all Ooma subscribers. However access interfaces differ according to the Ooma plan chosen. Ooma allows businesses to port an existing number or get a new phone number. Essentials plan subscribers can use a chrome extension for laptops and desktops, analog phones or IP phones. Ooma has a wide range of IP phones available on the website. Subscribers can also download a free smartphone app for Android and iOS devices. Pro and Pro+ plan users have the added option of desktop apps.